Friday, September 29, 2006


Escola de Futebol do Tarrafal, Cape Verde Tarrafal, Island Santiago, Cape Verde
Timeframe : The football school exists since December 2002. In the near future it will be augmented with a children´s center and put on a secure financial basis.
Organisation : Initiator of the project is a football coach with origins in Austria who now has the capverdian nationality and organizes the project together with committed people from Cape Verde.
Project link : Delta Culture

Field of work : Social Integration, Talent Promotion
Nationality : Cape Verdians
Social status : street children and teenagers
Age : 8-18
Sex : Both
Background information :
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Use of football :
Football was the first impulse for the project. When the football training started there was such a run that we soon got to the limits of the capacities and had to expand the project.
Objectives :
The main objective is to get the children off the street and offer them something they love to do! The whole village of Tarrafal has about 6000 inhabitans – the soccerschool more than 150 participants!! (just to show how much they love soccer!) Other objectives: the children and teenagers learn about teamwork, taking responsibility, working regulary to reach an aim, thinking in long terms in order to improve their future possibilities. The children and teenagers of the soccerschool of Tarrafal do not only train regulary, they also have to take care of the equipment, everyone has to be referee of the game at the end of the training at least once.
Success :
After the launch of the football school we had 150 boys and girls participating after just a few weeks. Since then we are offering training on a daily basis.
Best practice :
Because of the few possibilities of professional formation on Cape Verde we wanted to create a center that via the connection of culture and sports offers apprenticeship places and points out perspectives in their own country to children and youth as an alternative to emigration.
Partners :
from Germany: Vista Verde e.V. ( from Austria: Delta Culture from Switzerland: bd active from Cape Verde: delta cultura
Funding :
So far the project has been supported by the associations Vista Verde e.V. and Delta Culture. Recently we have handed in an application for funding through German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.
Future plans :
The architectural concept for the children´s center already exists. The community of Tarrafal offered us a terrain where we want to start the construction as soon as possible to offer first apprenticeship places in autumn 2005.
Support needs :
To implement the project we urgently need the support of the associations and other cooperation partners. Our goal ist to secure the costs for the construction and the sustainable covering of operating costs.
Administration :
Florian Wegenstein, founder and initiator of the project delta cultura, Cape Verde
Knowledge :
After the first trainings of the football school we noticed a lot of enthusiasm and motivation. Until now many other activities have grown out of this motivation, like Batucu (traditional music), dancing or theatre groups.
Contact Person :
Vista Verde e.V.
Frank Mössinger ( 1. Vorsitzender Vista Verde e.V. )
Liebenzeller Straße 10
71067 Sindelfingen Cape Verde
Telephone : 07031-807158
Fax : 07031-4149905 |


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