Friday, September 29, 2006


Fintar O Destino=Dribbling Fate (Videocassette : 77 min. ) [1998]
V. CASS. VHS 4787
Abstract: Fintar O Destino is a sports film with a distinctly African twist. It is the story of the aging sport hero who holds onto his past so strongly he destroys his present. At the same time, this film explores a much broader tension, personal and political, between remaining true to one's dreams or making the best of the limited opportunities around us.
Director: Fernando Vendrell Distributor:California Newsreel
Keywords: Cape Verde, soccer, sports, popular culture, economy, social relations, postcolonialism

O Testamento do Senhor Napumoceno = Napumoceno's Will (Videocassette : 106 min. ) [1998]
V. CASS. VHS 4623
Abstract: The film is an epic farce from one of the world's least known but most culturally complex societies --Cape Verde. This classic tale of the hollowness at the core of provincial bourgeois life introduces English-speaking audiences to Germano Almeida, one of the outstanding writers in Portuguese today. With its novelistic breadth, the film offers a bildungsroman of a man and a society so caught up in the pursuit of conventional success and prestige it overlooks its true self almost until it is too late. Producer/Director: Francisco Manso.
Director: Francisco Manso Distributor:California Newsreel
Keywords: Cape Verde, social life, politics, colonialism, class, feature film


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