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“Clube Tabanka Teams up with Cabo Verde Children Project.”“Clube Tabanka Teams up with Cabo Verde Children Project.”

“Clube Tabanka Teams up with Cabo Verde Children Project.”

By Vasco R. A. Pires

How many positive stories about Cape-Verdians have you seen or read in your local mainstream news media? Often when we see the name “Cape Verde or Cape-Verdian” in the mainstream news media, it is related to Hurricanes or a crime story. Very seldom, do you hear or read of the positive activities and accomplishments of Cape-Verdians.

This story is about two of the many Cape-Verdian organizations working to make a difference in the world for underserved children. The Clube Tabanka and Cabo Verde Children, Inc.

On October 14, 2001, nine young men made a commitment to be of service to their community. It was a time when America was still recovering from the terrible tragedy of September 11, 2001. Jose de Pina, Ildo Brando Correia, Enivete Araujo, Joao Carvalho, Carlos Amado, Flavio DaVeiga and Ricardo Fernandes, founded the Clube Tabanka. “We are a bunch of dynamic community leaders as well as visionaries who believed in the importance of giving back to the community and for that reason we founded Clube Tabanka in order to provide our youth with recreational outlets that may help them to stay out of trouble. It is important for our youth to be able to play safe, competitive, at the same time instill some sort of discipline in them as well as enhance their athletic abilities. So, our club is more of a support system for those for our youth. This is just the beginning of better things yet to come in our community.” They state in the Clube Tabanka statement of purpose.
According to the Clube Tabanka, “its goals to promote and encourage the practice of sports and physical education, and to create recreational, social and cultural activities for the Cape Verdean community.” Another objective of Clube Tabanka is “to collaborate with other organizations with the purpose of improving the quality of life of our community.” The Clube Tabanka feels strongly that, “History teaches us that any group, nation, organization, religion or political party has to be organized and united in order to successfully achieve its goals. It is in this context that we are asking for the participation and support of each Cape Verdean in the area.”

The mission of Clube Tabanka is to take Cape Verdean youth participation in sports to the highest levels and to work to achieve this with the highest priority; To work with short and long terms plans that fit the stated mission; To promote and encourage the practice of sports and physical education, and to create recreational, social and cultural activities for the Cape Verdean communities; To collaborate with other organizations for the purpose of improving the quality of life of our communities. To create and maintain a warm and caring relationship between Clube Tabanka and the Cape Verdean communities in North America; To create and maintain strategic relationships with the Cape Verdean National Soccer Federation and other sports clubs and organizations in the United States, Cape Verde Islands as well as the rest of the Cape Verdean global Diaspora for growth and benefits of Clube Tabanka as an organization. The urgency of this mission really hit home when one of it’s own members Ildo Brando Correia was killed by random violence in the community.

Over the past five years the club has built a strong foundation of success. Under the leadership of a dedicated Board of Directors: Enivete (Tony) Araujo, President, with Directors; Joao (Jota) Carvalho, Flavio DaVeiga, Manuel (Dono) Teixeira, Adelino (Mioca) Barbosa, Carlos (Ze Jorge) Semedo, Juvenal Carvalho and Cristiano Gomes, Clube Tabanka has found success on the field of soccer as well as service to the community of Cape-Verdians in the New England Area. Clube Tabanka is a member of the New England Luso American Soccer Association, Inc. The Clube Tabanka is proud of players who have gone on to play Professional Soccer, most recently player, Almir Barbosa, AKA “Zorro” turned pro and he just signed a contract last week with IFK Kristiandad in the Swedish League. Almir played for a New Hampshire based semi-professional soccer league called USLD2 – United States Soccer League Division 2.

With all of this successful activity the Clube Tabanka still finds time to collaborate and support other community service organizations. One such organization founded in 2004 is the Cabo Verde Children Project.

The Cabo Verde Children Project works to give direct support to Pre-school and school age children of the poorest families in Cape Verde. The project solicits individuals to become sponsors of a child in need of assistance to go to and continue in an educational program.

Since the independence of Cape Verde in 1975, children have always been identified as one of the target groups deserving special attention. In 31 years a lot of progress has been made in establishing a free democratic government, raising the standard of living for many and creating an atmosphere of peace and security that is rare in this modern time. Still a lot needs to be done.

“Cabo Verde Children is a non-profit humanitarian organization that strives to help the children of Cape Verde Islands overcome the burdens of poverty and to become healthy, educated, self-sustaining and contributing members of society.

Cabo Verde Children is a joint project, managed and promoted by and Cape Verde Embassy in Washington DC. The goal of Cabo Verde Children is to identify and develop a database of children of Cape Verde whereas individuals like yourself will have the opportunity to sponsor a child by providing monthly financial commitments to their families for the use of buying food, pay school tuition and other basic needs. It's the kind of support that, we, the founders of Cabo Verde Children believe is extremely necessary for a Third World country like Cape Verde Islands.” Say it’s founders Andy & Madalena DeAndrade.

The founders continue, “Cabo Verde Children’s objective is to reach out to all 9 inhabited islands and serve Capeverdean children with humanitarian support delivered directly to the family and/or guardian of that child and thus ensuring that the child gets nourished properly and is attending school as required.

Represented by in-country Board of Directors, the role of the Capeverdean representatives is to identify and provide children profile data, pre-identify and recommend projects and to make sure that resources are delivered properly as originally identified and to those that it was intended to reach. Cape Verde representatives are also responsible to provide Cabo Verde Children organization quarterly reports that are posted on the website for sponsors to view and analyze. After returning from a late Fall 2002 trip to Cape Verde Islands and concerned with the wellbeing, and education of these children, the DeAndrade family provided the initial investment and developmental resources and with the support of the Embassy of Cape Verde in Washington, D.C. and mentorship of Ambassador Brito, we formed Cabo Verde Children, Inc. in Brockton, Massachusetts.

Developing a better generation and productive members of society is a gift that you can feel good about…”

The Board of Directors - Cabo Verde Children, Inc. in the U.S. Are, Norberto Tavares, Ambassador of CV Children, Andy DeAndrade, President, John Varella, Treasurer, and Indiana Burgo, Clerk.

To these two organizations, the term “Junta Mon” is more then words, they have come together in mutual support to take action to unite and fight for the lives of our children both here and in Cape Verde. The Clube Tabanka purchased new uniforms that show their support for the Cabo Verde Children Project. Cabo Verde Children Project supports the efforts of The Clube Tabanka and urges wider community support of their efforts.
Both organizations are made up of Cape-Verdian born, American born as well as European born Cape-Verdians. I have heard or read President Pedro Pires saying that wherever Cape-Verdians reside they should become good citizens of that country. “Where ever there are Cape-Verdians, is Cape Verde.”

My first contact with The Clube Tabanka was on the web. As an American born Cape-Verdian I strive to learn as much about the culture as I can. I was searching for the word “Tabanka” and www.clubetabanka was on the list. I clicked on it and came to this site with a wealth of information on Cape Verde and an organization that was taking action to create value in the community. I contacted Tony Araujo and he replied and we have never lost contact. We have so many talented Young Men and Women in our community that are making great efforts to make a difference. If the mainstream media doesn’t look for it, then it is up to us to find what is good in our community and spread the good news.

My first contact with CV Children Project was when my good friend Andy DeAndrade, ask if I could put together a little video presentation for the kick off dinner for CV Children. I said yes, and I have been a supporter of the vision of CV Children ever since. For more information on CV Children go to: for more information on Clube Tabanka go to:


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